Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remembering Our Military

As of December 1, my husband of just 19 months is on Temporary Duty for 6 months. We will be separated for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, his birthday, our 2nd anniversary, Easter and all the other family events in our lives.

I am new to this. There are families who have been coping with separations like this for some time, and it never gets easier. I am in awe of those who can keep things going at home, and keep themselves together, while missing their husbands or wives.

Every day we pray for the men and women who are serving, especially those in harm's way. And for their families who miss them.

We can show them some support, by sending a card (link above) to the men and women who sacrifice much in many ways by thanking them for their service. Let us pray that they will come home to their families safely... and soon!

Thanks Honeybunny, - I love you!

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Rob Rosenberger said...

Just want to leave a note of thanks for supporting Harold on his latest TDY. Tell him to bring home a bumper sticker that reads "Air Force Wife -- Toughest Job in USAF!"