Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship - Computers.

Computers are amazing machines, aren't they? Since I can remember when only bigger companies had giant mainframes and only the accountants really used them, we've seen them become a necessary tool, for work, school, and even home monitoring.

Obviously, I use one to write this blog. Send/read email; research products or topics, keep up with my favorite TV shows (LOST) or buy stuff. I love being able to check the radar for weather systems, not only in my area, but to watch the many hurricanes we've had, or just to get the forecast.

My husband and I have two desktops, and two laptops between us. My desktop failed a about 3 month ago. I wasn't concerned, since I have the laptop. Most of my work is done on it, because I can take it with me.

Recently, my husband's laptop DVD drive stopped working. A $140 later, it is working again, we picked it up just before he left on temporary duty (TDY) for the Air Force, which was great, since he needs it with him.

While his laptop was in the shop, he turned to his desktop. Lo and behold, the power source was shot. Well, we can share my laptop, right? No problem.

Right after he left, my laptop started doing strange things. It kept looping the same error messages. I tried everything I know, and even called a friend who is an IT professional. It had to go to the shop. Now I have no computer, and I have a business to run, invoices to print, email to check.

I took both the desktop and my laptop to the shop. I emphasized the need for one or the other to come back before I left to visit my husband on the base. I figured the desktop would come back, since it was a simple power replacement. I was right, I got it back on Thursday afternoon. Too late to run invoices but at least when I came back I could work, right?

At the same time they returned the desktop they informed me that the laptop, which was an older model perfect for my needs, would probably cost in the neighborhood of $300 to repair. With the price of computers coming down, did I still want it repaired when I could probably buy a new one, updated and faster for about $500-600? Needless to say, its still there, and I will be looking for a new one. Thankfully, I had backed up all my work beforehand so I haven't lost data, just time.

Oh, the desktop I'm using? It has no software on it. My husband never got around to loading it, since he uses his laptop more.

What are the odds that all four computers would have problems at the same time?

I hate computers. I have to get a new laptop....SOON!