Saturday, October 10, 2009

What happened to Summer???

It's October. We are facing the coldest temps for the season tonight. I am not happy about this. It's too soon for such cold weather. But I do love the brilliant colors of fall. I took this picture last fall, one early morning, when I was returning from an early morning pet-sit job. The gorgeous color just radiated in the sunlight and stopped me in my tracks. I wasn't the only one either, another motorist stopped just as I finished shooting.

Fall has so many things to offer, the colors, the mild temps (usually) and the bountiful farmers' markets with so many good things to eat! I have been a gardener for years, and love when the tomatoes are warm, right out of the garden. It's like candy to me. I also grow many herbs for cooking and the plants are at full, lush growth. Apples and pears that taste like wine, sweet corn on the cob, and the pumpkins, of every size and shape and color.

But just when you can really see the fruits of your labor, you have to start thinking about cutting it all down for the winter. I have to cut the herbs to start drying. In October, the tomatoes are done, along with most other vegetables. The dried corn stalks start appearing, and gourds are everywhere. The garden has to be cleared, and the last flowers are finishing their blooming season. The color is quickly falling to the ground, if you aren't fast enough to get the pictures, you'll have to wait for next fall.

So, I'm done now, since we are expecting 20's tonight. The garden is empty, the yard art is brought in, the hose put away. The container plants are in the basement, or in the garage. The ceramic bird bath too. The yard looks naked, and forlorn. I can feel the chill in my bones, and worry about heating bills. My hubby is still getting acclimated to the coolness after the TDY in Texas, where they broke records for consecutive days over 100. In Wisconsin, we never hit 90. I hope we have an indian summer, because it doesn't feel like we had a summer here, and if we did, I was too busy to appreciate it. I promise to stop and enjoy the last of the warmth, if it deigns to visit.

Because, you know darn well what is lurking just around the corner:

Oh well, it will happen again, and again, so I guess we just suck it up and enjoy it anew. Or you could try hibernating. Hmmm, kinda like that idea, now that I have someone to hibernate with!

Be well......